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Understand Your
Audience Through Real Time Reactions

A simple tool that transforms your embedded YouTube or Vimeo video into an interactive experience for your viewers.

Verse enables your audience to interact with your content in real time and then captures and delivers those reactions into your dashboard. Use that data to understand what your viewers are responding to.
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4 Easy Steps

01. Set Up Dashboard

Fill out the Set Up Form to gain access to your personal streaming and data dashboard. 

02. Add Your Stream

Add the link to your YouTube or Vimeo video into your dashboard to enable the Verse emoji overlay. You can overlay several video streams and they can be live or pre-recorded.

03. Embed Your Video 

Grab the newly created embed code (containing your video with the interactive emoji overlay) from your Verse dashboard and add it to your website. 

04. Watch Your Data Flow In 

As soon as viewers start watching and reacting to your content, your dashboard will update in real time.  Read more about our analytics here.

05. Customize Your Emojis (coming soon)
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Understanding Your
Audience Better

What Gets Measured, Gets Improved

Verse provides you with a deeper level of insight into how your audiences feel about what you are sharing. There is a huge value in understanding how people are responding to your content on an emotional level because you are then able to fine tune your content based on real data. Verse provides you with a dashboard that displays:​ ​​

Viewer Count

Emoji Count

Emoji usage on a timeline

Geolocation of emoji click

Native platforms like YouTube, Twitch and so on offer a lot of really valuable analytics about your audiences, but something they are all missing is the detailed emotional / emoji data. They may capture it, but they aren't currently sharing it with their content creators. We are offering you that extra connection to your viewers, in addition to the analytics package you are already working with.




FB Live


Viewer count

Interactive Emoji overlay



Emoji count

Emoji usage on a timeline



Geolocation of emoji click

Make Data Driven Decisions



Built by event specialists during a time of way too much screen time (the pandemic). We needed to find a way to connect content creators with their audiences, and visa versa, so we put our heads together to develop a simple application that brings energy through and across screens. Our goal is to Bring The Vibe (to you).


We want to connect audiences to their favorite content creators and give them a voice through the emotional language we all love so much - emojis. We truly believe a picture is worth a thousand words.


We use Google Firebase as technology platform for The Verse, which gives us a comprehensive stack of tech products, serving the needs we have now, but also the needs we envision to have in the future. Firebase is a good fit for hosting our React based platform, Firestore provides our every need for a stable and well performing noSQL database, and the Firebase authentication system gives us a secure registration and login process integrated with major SSO providers.


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